We at Indigo Rummy are very particular about chat etiquette used at our tables, and see to it that our players are provided with a safe online environment to play in. We are constantly monitoring chats and would like our players to abide by the following rules of chatiquette:

  • We want every player to enjoy their gaming experience at Indigo Rummy, so we request you to remain positive in your chats at all times. If you would like to notify us of something unpleasant or negative, please raise a ticket or send us an email. Our support team will get in touch with you for further discussions.
  • Profanity, inappropriate language and slighting/ bullying other players will not be tolerated at Indigo Rummy. It may lead to a permanent removal of your chat privileges.
  • Please be respectful of other players; do not throw tantrums on chat when another player wins or you are not having the best of luck. We encourage players to congratulate winners and act in a dignified manner.
  • Inappropriate chat discussions are not encouraged at Indigo Rummy. No racial, ethnic or sexual slurs will be allowed in chat. It may lead to a permanent removal of your chat privileges.
  • Please bear in mind that not all players like to chat. If a player is not responding to your IMs, we suggest you leave them alone as there are a large number of reasons why they could not be responding. Harassment of other players is not allowed at Indigo Rummy and may result in suspension of your chat privileges.
  • If you have acted inappropriately in a chat conversion, Indigo Rummy reserves the right to suspend or remove your chat privileges temporarily or even permanently, based on the degree of your offense. If you still do not heed our chat etiquette rules, Indigo Rummy reserves the right to permanently lock your player account.
  • Offending players may or may not receive a warning as per the management's discretion and its decision will be final and irreversible.
  • If you would like to complain about another player's chat behaviour, we urge you not to directly deal with them, but to notify us instead. We will review the case and take appropriate action.